Waking in the middle of the night to your smoke alarm screeching—and a burning smell hanging in the air—is an absolutely terrifying thought. But do you know what's even more frightening?

The smoke alarm never going off… smoke detectors

Since the invention of the smoke alarm, home-fire deaths have cut in half*. And yet throughout the U.S. and Canada thousands of people still lose their lives because of smoke inhalation and burns.

With 96% of homes having smoke detectors, why are so many people being injured and ultimately dying? Two-thirds of those homes either didn't have smoke alarms—or their smoke alarms weren't functioning! In 24% of home-fire deaths, smoke alarms were present, but didn't sound. **

Smoke detectors are like any other electronic device or piece of equipment: They do NOT last forever!

This site was developed to educate people on smoke detectors and their effectiveness—and as an extension, help you protect your home and loved ones. There are many helpful pages that will:


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**National Fire Protection Association